Car Door Projector Lights

Do you ever get frustrated when you can’t find your keys in the dark? Well, car door projector lights could be the answer to your prayers! These tiny lights attach to the car door and project a bright light in the direction you are looking. This amazing little gadget will help you out when your hands are full and you are trying to find something in your purse or your pockets.

This little light can also serve as an SOS light in case your car breaks down on the side of the road. Just press the small button on the side of the light and hold it up in the air. The light will shine in the direction you are looking so other cars can see you! This could also come in handy if you are hiking in the woods or stranded on the side of the road at night! Now, you won’t have to be scared of the dark anymore.

A lot of people have mixed feelings about car door projectors because they are afraid that the light will reflect off the interior of the car and distract the driver. However, most models come with covers that are designed to prevent the light from reflecting back onto the windshield. There are many wonderful models of car door projectors on the market right now. Amazon has a great selection of different models made by different companies. The best thing about car door projectors is that they are inexpensive and easy to use. So, if you want an easy way to find your way in the dark, then consider getting a car door projector! You won’t regret it! 

Types of Projector Lights for Cars:

For car doors, use projector lights

Additionally, projector lighting for automobile doors are available. You may install a personalised logo or image on your car door to greet visitors. The image or brand is permanently affixed to the door panel, making it visible when the door is opened. When the door opens or closes, a magnetic sensor helps the light turn on and off accordingly.

Like the Car Door Lights kit offered by Qwertyui, these car door lights are compatible with any model and reasonably priced. There are three types of project lights for car doors:

LED projector lights with wires: 

These lights, which are widely accessible, must be hooked from the door panel to the car’s dome light.

LED projector lights without cords:

Installing these lights is simpler. Just attach the sensor to the chassis just below the light and the light to the door panel. Every time the door opens, the lights will come on. One illustration is the Car Shadow Light kit offered by HAOHAOYUN.

Projector lights with courtesy door logos:

To install this kind of lighting, you must first remove the existing lighting from your car and then install these interior projection lights in their place.

Replacement Bulbs for Project Lights:

1. Halogen bulbs

2. LED bulbs

3. HID bulbs

Shopping for projector lights has many options these days, such as regular projector lights, car door projector and even wireless car door projector. Different types of bulbs can also be used with projector lights in order to create different lighting effects that are tailored to your needs. Halogen bulbs are commonly used and are found in the reflector headlights of vehicles, while HID bulbs, or Xenon HID headlights, provide brighter light and a longer lifespan. For a highly energy efficient solution, LED bulbs are the most recent innovation and experts claim that if there is no damage then these bulbs could outlive the vehicle itself. No matter what type of projector light setup you choose – you’re sure to get a quality product!

How to Choose Projector Lights for Cars:

What kind of bulb you choose is one of the most important considerations when selecting projector lighting. According to specialists, LED lights are more effective than HID lamps and provide the following advantages:

Typical LED bulbs range from 15 to 18 watts.

The lifespan of an LED is longer.

HIDs take longer to completely illuminate than LEDs, which begin to shine brightly as soon as they are turned on.

The drawback of LEDs is that they take up more space in a car when installed.

Consider whether you would want a dazzling headlamp style as well. For instance, certain projector headlights produce a characteristic halo or ring that is sometimes referred to by manufacturers as an angel eye or halo.

How to Install Projector Lights:

As long as they are installed properly, universal and model-specific kits are both secure and simple to set up. When it’s time to replace your headlights, take these steps:

Make it ready for installation:

Remove the front bumper first. Put the light there.

Lighting installation and testing:

Connect the parking space’s power supply and ground to the lights. Some are simpler to install and include pre-assembled wiring. Depending on the manufacturer, the wires for those that are not pre-assembled might be red and black, red and white, or black and white.

Before installing, test the cables to the power supply and the ground source to see which goes where.

Evaluate and reassemble:

Parking lights should be turned on to be tested once the new lights have been installed. Change the bumper and cover for the projector headlights.

Five reasons to buy Car Door Projector Lights:

Here are five great reasons why you should give car door projectors a try:

1: Car Door Projectors Are Inexpensive And Easy To Use

One of the main reasons why people don’t use car door projectors is that they think they are too expensive to buy. However, this just isn’t true! You can usually find a good model for less than $20 on Amazon! That’s a cheap price for something that can potentially save your life in an emergency! These little lights attach to your car door easily and can be used in just a few minutes.

Another reason that people don’t use car door projectors is because they feel that they are too complicated to use. Again, however, this is false! Most models are very easy to use and come with detailed instructions that explain everything you need to know. You just need to attach the door projector to your car door and press the button to activate the light. That’s it! It really is that simple! So, if you need a quick and affordable way to see your way around in the dark, then consider getting a car door projector today! You’ll be glad you did!

2: Car Door Projectors Can Help You Find Your Way In The Darkness

Let’s face it; we live in a world that is always changing. And sometimes these changes can be for the worse. When there’s dark you don’t need to worry about that at all because you have the car door projector lights which will help you find your way easier and tension free.

Car door projector lights are the perfect way to upgrade your vehicle at night. They provide added safety when entering or exiting at night – alerting those nearby of potential entry or movement.

3. You can customise your car with Car Door Projectors:

Car door projector lights provide an interesting and unique way to customize your car, drawing attention to its style and personality. With projector lights attached to all four doors, you can make your car stand out from the crowd with a logo or image projected onto the ground. Not only do projector lights add a personal touch.

4. Car Door Projector Lights comes with wireless projector technology:

You can now take projector lights one step further with wireless projector options that no longer require additional circuitry or complicated installation processes. You can choose from projector lights that simplify installation or go for wireless projector car door lights if you do not have time to spend on wiring. These ultra-modern projector lights easily install on most car doors and allow you to change your custom images quickly and safely whenever you choose.

5. LED projector lights with wires:

Come with 2 factory style LED projector driving fog lights and wiring harness. It can replace the damaged or worn one and bring a brilliant appearance to your vehicle.

It is constructed of weatherproof and durable polycarbonate material to ensure a long lasting performance life in outdoor conditions. Also can enhance visibility during night time, heavy rain, snow, or dense fog.

Either way, projector car door lights are sure to give your ride that distinctive touch you have been searching for.   

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