High Peak Mini Projector : Review

Today things are changing drastically and scientists and engineers are working tough to bring ease in the lives of people. This has boosted the research and development departments of these tech firms to become more active than ever and different experiments have been done everyday to utilize the available resources to the minimum and increase efficiency.  Similarly in the same way devices and gadgets are being squeezed down into small and compact sizes for ease of use. These devices are embedded with high performing hardware components that are durable and energy efficient.While not only companies are taking steps to provide the users with high performing devices but also at low costs.  

Talking about portability and efficiency and low prices, a company by the name of High Peak has recently introduced a compact size projector. This device is a High Peak Mini Projector that is roughly the size of a hand and provides very good display output to the user according to some youtubers. However we will try to highlight every important aspect of this projector while considering the audience queries in mind. 

A good quality projector no doubt provides the user with a very convenient alternative to buying expensive and big LED TV’s or Plasma TV’s but mostly compact size projectors don’t provide the best display quality and brightness of the screen is mostly dim. The compact device we are currently talking about also has the same issue but still it gives very good results in picture quality and if you are planning to buy it for your kids to watch cartoons and movies, then it is the best device to buy without having a second thought. We will also discuss its features and specifications that it is offering in detail below:

1. Compact size and weight

The device comes with the dimensions of  4.9 x 3.3 x 1.7 in length, height and width and is only 8.7 oz in weight. The small size and weight has attracted many consumers to instantly buy this product, however one may ask that if the size of the device is small then its projecting capability and power would also be compromised. But small size does not mean the device lacks in its ability to provide good picture quality or resolution. It is not as powerful as a full size 4k projector but what could one expect to get at such a low price. So if we calculate the total value to the total amount spent, then the value of this projector is much more than the value that is spent on it.

2. Brightness:

High Peak Mini Projector has the power to provide 1000 lumens of lights that is quite enough for a projector in such a category. A 1000 lumens light can brighten up a dark area up to 200 meters. The most popular 4k projector these days, the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB has the power to brighten up 2600 lumens of light. Comparing the brightening strengths these projectors will definitely make the buyers think that  High Peak Mini Projector reviews is a little grain as compared to the giant epson projector. However if we consider the categories of both Projectors and the amount spent on these two then spending for  High Peak Mini Projector reviews is not a waste of money.

3. Projection Size

The Projection size of High Peak Mini Projector reviews can be expanded up to 100 inches in total and can be compressed to the lowest of 30 inches. The 4k projectors are nowadays offering a total of maximum 150 inches in size and therefore the difference between these two is not huge however the picture quality, brightness, clarity would vary.  The prices of 4k projectors range from around 1200$ to 2000$ and the  High Peak Mini Projector reviews is under 300$, so that is a huge difference between the two.

4. Connectivity

One of the best offerings that the company is providing to its customers is the options to connect with multiple devices such as PC, gaming consoles, DVD, iPad, Roku Streaming stick, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Fire Tv which makes it easy for the users. Well the overall package that the consumers get from spending on this product is worth considering. Iphones can be connected through HDMI cable. The box also comes with a remote control which allows the users to control the playlists and volume as well.


Overall the product is a good offering to the consumers but those consumers who are looking to expect a full end high resolution 4k device then under such a price tag it would not fulfill their need. The device is most suitable for kids to watch cartoons and movies. It is a good product to give gifts to your close ones and near ones. As far as price and value is concerned it is highly recommended for consumers to buy. You can view more specifications about this product here.

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