BenQ TK700STi 4K HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector

A New Era of Gaming Experience

Gone are the days when gaming on a projector meant sacrificing picture quality and color accuracy. With the advent of High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology in gaming projectors, gamers can now enjoy an immersive and vivid gaming experience on a larger scale.

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HDR technology enhances the contrast:

Color accuracy and brightness of images, producing deeper blacks, brighter whites and a wider color gamut, resulting in a more lifelike and vivid picture. With HDR, gamers can enjoy rich, vibrant and accurate colors in their favorite games, bringing their gaming experience to a whole new level.

One of the key benefits of HDR gaming projectors is their large screen size. Gaming on a projector can offer a truly immersive gaming experience, with the large screen size creating a more cinematic feel. Moreover, projectors can be placed further away from the screen, creating a more comfortable gaming environment, allowing players to play for longer periods of time without straining their eyes.

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Another advantage of HDR gaming projector is that they offer a flexible and convenient setup. Unlike traditional gaming displays that are limited to a fixed screen size, projectors can be placed anywhere in the room and the screen size can be adjusted accordingly. This makes them ideal for gaming setups in large living rooms, basements or dedicated gaming rooms.

To get the most out of an HDR gaming projector:

It is important to choose the right model. Some important factors to consider include the brightness level, color accuracy, contrast ratio, and resolution. A high-quality HDR gaming projector should offer a brightness level of at least 1000 lumens, a contrast ratio of at least 5000:1 and a color accuracy of at least 90% of the DCI-P3 color gamut.


HDR gaming projector offer a new and exciting way to experience gaming. With their large screen size, flexible and convenient setup, and high-quality picture, they offer a truly immersive and vivid gaming experience that will take your gaming to the next level. So, if you’re a gamer looking for a truly cinematic gaming experience, an HDR gaming projector might be just what you need.


HDR gaming projector are compatible with a wide range of gaming systems, including PCs, consoles, and even mobile devices. They can be used with both wired and wireless connections, making it easy to connect to your gaming system of choice. With the increasing popularity of cloud gaming services like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud, HDR gaming projectors are a great option for those who want to enjoy cloud gaming on a large screen.

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For gamers who want to take their gaming experience to the next level, HDR gaming projectors offer a number of advanced features. Some of the latest models offer 4K resolution, which provides four times the resolution of standard 1080p, making games look even more lifelike and immersive. Some projectors also come with motion smoothing technologies, which reduce motion blur, making fast-paced games even smoother and more enjoyable to play.

When it comes to HDR gaming projectors:

 It’s important to choose the right model that meets your needs and budget. Prices can vary widely, with high-end models costing several thousand dollars, while budget-friendly options are available for under $1000. When making a decision, it’s important to consider your budget, the size of your gaming space, and the types of games you like to play, in order to find the right HDR gaming projector for you.

HDR gaming projector are a great investment for gamers who want to take their gaming experience to the next level. With their large screen size, high-quality picture, and flexible setup, they offer a truly immersive and vivid gaming experience that will bring your favorite games to life. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a serious player, an HDR gaming projector is a great investment for anyone who wants to enjoy gaming on a larger scale.

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